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Unique single material solution delivers novel interior for Mercedes C-Class

A single material solution from Borealis has enabled Daimler Chrysler to create a high quality interior for its new Mercedes C-Class. Daplen? EE188HP, a thermoplastic olefin compound (TPO) has been used on all visible, injection moulded interior trims of the C-Class interior, replacing the need for several polymers to deliver the desired concept. The simplification of development and manufacture coming from a single material solution offers distinct advantages.
Daplen EE188HP is a talcum filled polypropylene-based TPO compound that is characterised by excellent scratch resistance (MAR nail scratch test) and low gloss. Its high dimensional stability and wide processing window allow for consistent component surface quality, ensuring an excellent overall optical effect and a high standard of performance. From a safety perspective, the material's balance of impact resistance and stiffness helps parts to achieve industry crash test requirements.

Daplen EE188HP is used for the dashboard, centre console, pillars and cladding for tailgates, seats and door sides of the new Mercedes C-class. To ensure consistency in the interior, Borealis worked closely with Daimler Chrysler and the component moulders, providing technical mould design support. Daplen EE188HP provides the same gloss, scratch resistance and colour effect for all visible component parts in the interior. The ready-to-use material is coloured in the five different colours specified by Daimler Chrysler, and allows easy colour matching between injection moulded trims and PUR skins within the interior.

Daplen EE188HP has been developed as a one-material solution that delivers both high quality perception and the simplification advantages. With an in depth understanding of the value chain and a focus on customer needs, Borealis continues to provide innovative, value creating polypropylene solutions with optimum performance for interior, exterior and under the bonnet automotive applications.

For Details Contact: chanchal.dasgupta@borouge.com +91-22-26747700
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