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Industry calculator - Landed Cost Of Imports In India's, Duty Calculator calculates your landed cost of your imported raw material into India. Type your CIF value in USD/TON and adjust the USD-INR conversion rate to obtain you landed cost in INR/TON.
Item of import  
Raw Material Additives Machinery
CIF value in USD/TON  
USD - INR Conversion Rate
Landing Charges   %
Sub Total 1 in INR/TON  
Customs Duty   %  
Sub Total 2 in INR/TON  
CVD   %    
Educational Cess   %    
Secondary & Higher Educational Cess   %    
Sub Total 3 in INR/TON  
Customs Educational Cess   %    
Customs Secondary & Higher Educational Cess   %    
Sub Total 4 in INR/TON  
Special Additional Duty   %    
Total in INR/TON  
Clearing Charges in INR/TON   Eg INR 1500
Transportation Charges in INR/TON   Eg INR 1000
Total in INR/TON  
Octroi   % As Applicable
Total in INR/TON  
Do you avail MODVAT   Yes No
Your landing cost in INR/TON  
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