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customers speak - Si-cal, inc.

Lalit Shah
B-45 Mahashree Compound,
Link Road Andheri (West),
Mumbai 400 053 India

Dear Lalit,
I am writing to tell you how very impressed we have been with your company, Since working with you for almost eight months on the initial project of running banner ads to attract sales representatives in India for our company, you have never let us down and have been extremely attentive to every detail of the program.

What continues to impress us is your dedication to our program, and how you have helped us not only attract potential sales representatives, but the Personal assistance you have provided to interview prospects.
You have also helped us research possible partner companies which has greatly facilitated the process.Because of all your hard work, we have Successfully identified an excellent potential partner company who we are now working with.

We have worked with many marketing organizations in the U.S., Mexico and Europe, but none have been as attentive to detail and as knowledgeable as you have been. We look forward to continue to work with you on future programs.

Jaye Tyler

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