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To whomsover it may concern

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Injection Moulded Plastic products in India. We are engaged in manufacturing Plastic Injection moulding products for Industrial Application, Household products, Garden Furniture, and products for Railways applications. We are growing at a very fast pace.
To meet our requirement for manpower, we have successfully used placement services of for the plastics industry. They have shown remarkable ability to understand our job needs, make suggestions and have offered suitable and experienced candidates. is a worthwhile platform for Indian Manufacturers to source customers and product information from the International Market. They are providing a very good service to the Indian Industry to promote the global business.
We recommend their services to the Indian business community who wish to have do business in the international market. We wish them all the best !!!

For Polyset Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
Bhupesh Bafna
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