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Depb rates for Plastics
Sr.no Description DEPB rates Value Cap

a)All kinds of metallic/ non-metallic writing instruments including gift sets containing any writing instrument.
b)All kinds of parts / components of writing instruments metallic/non-metallic including refills/nibs.


2. ABS Briefcases/suitcases/beauty cases with or without Aluminium frame of any size 18.00  
3. Deleted    

Acrylic Polymer Emulsion(Thickner)

(Solid content 38-40%)

5. Acrylic sheet-Diecast 20.00 Rs40/kg
6. Acrylic sheet Centrifugal cast 20.00 Rs 40/kg
7. Acrylic sheet Extruded 20.00 Rs 40/kg
8. Articles made solely of ABS not elsewhere specified,and not specifically covered under Standard Input Output Norms 20.00 Rs 40/kg
9. Articles made solely of HDPE not elsewhere specified, and not specifically covered under Standard Input Output Norms 20.00 Rs 40/kg
10. Articles made solely of LDPE not elsewhere specified, and not specifically covered under Standard Input Output Norms 20.00 Rs 40/kg
11. Articles made solely of Nylon 6 not elsewhere specified, and not specfically covered under Standard Input Output Norms 20.00 Rs 40/kg
12. Articles made solely of Nylon66 not elsewhere specified and not specifically covered under Standard Input Output Norms 20.00 Rs 50/kg
13 Articles made solely of Polycarbonate not elsewhere specified, and not specifically covered under Standard Input and Output Norms 20.00 RS 50/kg
14 Articles made solely of Polypropylene not elsewhere specified,and not specifically covered under Standard Inptu and Output Norms 20.00 Rs 50/kg
15 Articles made solely of Polystyrene not elsewhere specified, and not specifically covered under Standard Input and Output Norms 20.00 Rs 50/kg
16 Articles made of Polycarbonate with Metallic/Non-metallic components 20.00 Rs 50/kg
17 Articles such as Junction boxes with lids switch and socket boxes, saddle, clips,bends, Circular boxes 20.00 Rs 50/kg
18 Cushioned vinyl Flooring Backed with Asbestos Paper 20.00 Rs 50/kg
19 Double Side Decorative Laminates with Barrier Paper 19.00 Rs 50/kg
20 Deleted    
21 Deleted    
22 Expandable Pol;y Styrene Resin 5.00  
23 Flexible PVC Articles Plastic made of Medical grade PVC compound 20.00 Rs 50/kg

Formulated Polyester Polyols

(with 20% CFC Spray Grade)

21.00 Rs 50/kg
25 Furniture canes made of HDPE 20.00 Rs 50/kg
26 Deleted    
27 General Purpose Polystyrene Resin 5.00  
28 Hair brush with Comb and Mirror 20.00 Rs 45/kg
29 HDPE(High density Polyethylene)/LLDPE(Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene) 11.00  
30 HDPE Tapes with U.V. Stailisation 2% by weight Plain / Fabricated 22.00 Rs 50/kg
31 HDPE Woven bags with LDPE liner fitted with Zips, Velcro Canvas, Snap fastners 22.00 Rs 50/kg
32 HDPE Woven fabrics 22.00 Rs 50/kg
33 HDPE Woven fabrics laminated/coated 22.00 Rs 50/kg
34 HDPE Woven Fabrics/Sacks with U.V. Stabilisation 2% by weight 22.00 Rs 50/kg
35 HDPE Woven sacks 22.00 Rs 50/kg
36 HDPE Woven sacks laminated/coated with liner 22.00 Rs 50/kg
37 HDPE /PP beautycase/Suitcase/briefcase with or without Aluminium Frame of any size 18.00  
38 Hessian bags with LDPE/HDPE/PP liner 10.00  
39 High Impact Polystyrene Resin 5.00  
40 Industrial Laminates(Fabric based)/paper based Electrical/mechanical 18.00  
41 Deleted    
42 Deleted    
43 Jute bags with HDPE liner/LDPE liner 10.00  
44 Deleted    
45 Melamine Formaldehyde Resin(Butylated) 60% Active ingredients 20.00  
46 Non Pyrogenic Sterile intravenous infusion sets/Non Pyrogenic sterile I.V. sets components 20.00 Rs 55/kg
47 P.P. Tapes with U.V. Stabilisation 2% by Weight Plain/Fabricated 22.00 Rs 50/kg
48 P.P. Woven sacks 22.00 Rs50/kg
49 P.P. woven sacks with liner 22.00 Rs 50/kg
50 P.P. Woven Fabrics/Sacks withU.V. Stabilisation 2% by weight 22.00 Rs 50/kg
51 Pheno-therm (Phenolic Foam in BUN form) 22.00 Rs 60/kg
52 Ploastic Body Vacuum Flask in various sizes with silver coated Glass Refill 20.00  
53 Deleted    
54 Ploy Butylene Terephthalate(PBT)Chips 20.00 Rs 60/kg
55 Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene(P.T.F.E.) Tapes 20.00 Rs 60/kg
56 Polyester chip for Moulding grade (High pressure Grade) 15.00 Rs 40/kg
57 Polyester film 15.00 Rs 40/kg
58 Polyester film(Blaxially Oriented polyester film) 15.00  
59 Polyester Metallized film(Aluminium coated film) 20.00 Rs 85/kg
60 PP Laminated/coated woven sacks(lamination/coating of PP) 22.00 Rs 50/kg
61 PP/HDPE Tarpauline 20.00 Rs 50/kg
62 PP/HDPE Tarpauline coated with LDPE 22.00 Rs 50/kg
63 PVC Electrical Insulation Tapes 19.00 Rs 55/kg
64 PVC Films for Photo Album 20.00 Rs 30/kg
65 PVC Inflatable toys 18.00 Rs 50/kg
66 PVC Rigid Sheet 20.00 Rs 50/kg
67 PVC flexible sheet/film 20.00 Rs 50/kg
68 PVC Soles 20.00 Rs 50/kg
69 Deleted    
70 Single Side Decorative Laminates with or without Barrier paper 19.00  
71 Sports Shoes Made out of PVC/PV Coated Fabrics with PVC Soles and fitted with Nylon/Polyester terry 18.00  
72 Bicycle Helmet made out of polyestarene 16.00  
73 Electronic Mosquito Repallents Machine 22.00 Rs 35/piece
74 Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-polymer 18.00 Rs 50/kg
75 Lamination Adhesive 20.00  
76 Plastic Insulated Ware(hot pot) with stainless steel liners 20.00 Rs 75/kg
77 Plastic Insulated Ware(Ice pall) 20.00 Rs 50/kg
78 Plastic Insulated Ware (Tiffins with Stainless Steel containers) 20.00 Rs 75/kg
79 Plastic Insulated ware(Water Bottle) 20.00 Rs 50/kg
80 Plastic Insulated ware (Water Jug) 20.00 Rs 50/kg
81 Plastic petrol filter for four wheelers 9.00  
82 Poly Vinyl Acetate Emulsion 18.00 Rs 40/kg
83 Polyester offset plate(50-100 micron) 14.00  
84 Polyethylene Foam 16.00 Rs 40/kg
85 Polypropylene Plain bags(without liner) 22.00 Rs 50/kg
86 Polypropylene woven fabrics/bags/sacks 22.00 Rs 50/kg
87 Polyester chips 17.00 Rs 40/kg
88 P.P. Woven fabrics laminated/coated 22.00 Rs 50/kg
89 P.P. Woven sacks laminated or coated with liners 22.00 Rs 50/kg
90 P.U. lacquered PVC Custion vinyl flooring impregnated with glass fibre tissue/glass fleece tissue or with glass fibre reinforced with rigid PVC sheet. 20.00 Rs 60/kg
91 PVC compound(shoe sole grade) 18.00 Rs 60/kg
92 PVC fabricated bags (made from PVC leather cloth backed jute and ploypropylene) 7.00  
93 PVC fabricated bags (made from PVC leather cloth backed with cotton/rayon/nylon /polyester fabric) 7.00  
94 PVC leather cloth/foam leather cloth 20.00 Rs 60/kg
95 PVC rigid free from board or cellular film, foil and sheets of PVC rigid free foam board 20.00 Rs 60/kg
96 PVC riser main pipe eith nitride rubber fitting for handpump 20.00 Rs 50/kg
97 PVC transparent Hose 19.00 Rs 50/kg
98 Rigid PVC conduit fittings such as junction boxes, couplers, saddles with base, female, adaptor, swith, boxes,adaptable, extension rings,reducers, elbows, tees,loops in boxes,bents,etc. 20.00 Rs 50/kg
99 Rigid PVC pipes/ fittings 20.00 Rs 50/kg
100 Rigid PVC thermoforming film/sheet/foil 20.00 Rs 60/kg
101 Spectacle frames made of plastic 17.00 Rs 60/kg
102 Synthetic footwear made up of NBR or PVC or SBR in CKD/SKD 18.00  
103 Synthetic uppers for footwear 18.00  
104 Toothbrush 17.00 Rs 60/kg
105 VINYL (PVC)floor covering with jute backing 20.00 Rs 60/kg
106 Vinyl asbestos tiles 19.00 Rs 50/kg
107 Vinyl flooring 20.00 Rs 60/kg
108 Stck mixer with Plastic body 14.00  
109 Anion exchange resin 12.00  
110 Strong acid cation exchange resin 11.00  
111 Synthetic ketonic Resin 15.00  
112 Laser Printer Film(Polyester based) (Thickness 100 micron) 15.00  
113 Fire Houses - 100%Polyester Filament Yarn Jacketted Synthetic rubber lined 10.00  
114 Polyester lacketted Synthetic Rubber Lined Fire Hoses 10.00  
115 Laquer Coated Aluminium Metallized Polyester Film in different Colours(Yarn Grade) 20.00 Rs 250/kgs
116 BOPP Film 19.00 Rs 80/kgs
117 Metallic Yarn Made From Lacquer Coated Aluminium Meatllized Polyester Film 10.00  
118 Poly Isocyanate Solution 50% Resin/Total Solid Content in Ethyl Actate Solvent 15.00  
119 Polyester Resin Solution(80% Resin Content) 15.00  
120 Poly Propylene Multi Filament Yarn 15.00  
121 Polyurethene Resin Solution Containing 66%Resin in Ethyl Acetate Solvent/Metyhl Ethyl Ketone Solvent 15.00  
122 Polyurethene Resin Solution Containing 60% Resin/total solid content in Ethyl Acetate/Methyl Ethyl ketone solvent 15.00  
123 PVC Resin 7.00  
124 Sun Control Polyester Film (Reflective/Non reflective Single/Two Ply With Liner) 15.00 Rs 5/sq feet
125 Poly Jute Bag 10.00  
126 Acrylonitile monomer 99.9% minimum 14.00  
127 PVC fabricated bags 7.00  
128 Rigid PVC Casing pipe 19.00 Rs 50/kg
129 Deleted    
130 Deleted    
131 Deleted    
132 Safety helmet 16.00  
133 Deleted    
134 Articles made of HDPE/PP Twine Rope 20.00 Rs 60/kg
135 Sterilised disposable syringe with or without needle 12.00  
136 Yarn of HDPE/PP 20.00* Rs 50/kg
137 Ropes and twine of HDPE/PP 20.00  
138 Double Blood Bag with Tubing 13.00 Rs 60/kg
139 Plastic Hand Gloves made from HDPE/LDPE/EVA 11.00  
140 PVC Fill Media 15.00  
141 PVC Mist Eliminator/Tube settler 11.00  
142 PVC Profiles with steel strips 11.00  
143 Printed flexible packaging material of one layer or printed or unprinted adhesive laminated/extrusion laminated flexible packaging material of multilayers of relevant substrate with or without hotmel in the form of rolls/strips/sheets/labels/wrappers or in pouch form 18% Rs 200/kg for pouch and Rs 150/kg for others.
144 Poly Propylene - (Homo-Polymer)sO 11.00  
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