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High Density Polyethylene Tarpaulins - Multiple End Use sectors

High density polyethylene (HDPE) tarpaulin is a product with multiple end uses. HDPE tarpaulin is excellent for covering products, thereby protecting them from moisture and dust and can be used as a protective covering in sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, automobiles and also as tents, floor spreads, as a cover for machinery, etc. This multi purpose product has therefore become a boon to the Indian Industry, especially in the rainy season. Versatility of the tape extruder, which makes it capable of manufacturing other products, besides the wide fabric helps the entrepreneur in diversifying his product offering.
Advantages of HDPE Tarpaulin
< Light-weight
< Ease of Handling
< Water proof
< Can be manufactured in desired colours
< Attractive printing

Manufacturing Process
• Lamination
HDPE fabric is laminated with LDPE, LLDPE or a blend of the two. It could be a three-layer tarpaulin having one layer of woven fabric and two layers of LDPE/LLDPE coating, one each on either side. Five layer tarpaulins consisting of two layers of woven fabric sandwiched between layers of LDPE/LLDPE coating are also made.
• Sealing
The laminated fabric, which is normally 48 inches wide, is cut into pieces according to desired size and sealed.
• Border Making
A border is made and a rope is provided along the border to provide strength. Metallic loops are used to make eyelets along the border, through which the tightening ropes are passed.

End Uses of HDPE tarpaulin
Products remain protected against rains during the monsoons. People use it for shelter, and also as a cover for products during transportation and storage for protection.
• Transportation: During the rainy season, HDPE tarpaulin is used for covering of trucks, which is a major market at present.
• Storage: This the second largest market which includes covers for Godowns, cover for crops, Mandaps or temporary sheds and out-door open storage. Can be used as a cover for the chemical industry, petrochemical industry and fertilizer industry. temporary shed could be constructed out of tarpaulins for marriages, in building and construction.
The demand of high density polyethylene tarpaulins revolves around both these end-use sectors, a mirror reflection of the growth in these sectors.

Different sectors where HDPE tarpaulin is used:
Agro Industry- India
• Food grain Production in India – Total food grain production increased from 230.77 mln tons in 2007-08 to 233.87 mln tons in 2008-09. 1
• India is one of the largest producer of milk, fruits, pulses, cashew nuts, coconuts, cotton, sugar, sugarcane, peanuts, spices in the world
• Large producer of rice and wheat in the world, and fourth largest in coarse grains
• Contributes ~25% of GDP
• ~64% Employment
• ~18% of India’s exports
Plastics in Agro Industry -HDPE Crates, PP Leno bags, HDPE Raschel bags, HDPE Agrishade Nets, HDPE Woven sacks, HDPE & PVC Pipes, LLDPE Mulch film etc.
Key Drivers -
• Increase in population
• Higher rate of urbanisation
• Dual Income families & Economic Liberalisation
• Economic Growth

Infrastructure growth in India
Cement Production in India – India is the second largest producer of cement in the world after China. In 2008-09, India produced around 181 mln tons of cement, a growth of 7.8% over the fiscal 2007-08.2
Other products: PE Rotational Moulded tanks, PP Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, PP Woven Geotextiles, PVC Window Profiles, PVC SWR Pipes.
Key Drivers -
India is the 7th largest country in the world and second largest in Asia with a landmass of 3.29 million sq.km.
• 6 Mega Cities & 23 Metro cities
• 300 Large towns & 3396 small & medium towns
• Industrial, trade, commercial growth

Electricity Boards
Transformers are covered by tarpaulins by various Electricity Boards to avoid any accidental electrical leakage during monsoon season.


Tarpaulins are used to cover vehicles, especially during the rains. India has become key automotive hub post liberalization. This is due to several factors :
• Strong Competition
• Quality Conscious manufacturers
• High level of investment
• A hub for both vehicles & components

To cover sport grounds and pools
Use as plastic tents, floor spreads
To cover construction machinery during monsoon
As a cover in Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer Industry

HDPE tarpaulin for Entrepreneurs
Tape extrusion process gives an entrepreneur the flexibility to produce HDPE woven sacks, HDPE tarpaulins and many more products such as HDPE agrishade nets and HDPE Raschel bags on the same tape extruder. Due to the seasonality of the use of HDPE tarpaulin, an entrepreneur needs to bring in this product into his business mainly in rainy season. This means that he should increase capacity utilizations during the rainy season to meet the high demand of HDPE tarpaulins. This product mix increases the average selling price of the final product leading to a higher net profitability in comparison to manufacturing only one product, e.g. high density polyethylene woven sacks. Also high output machines would lead to higher net profitability.

Entrepreneur Development Programme of Reliance Industries Ltd.
This is a program which assists projects related to polyethylene, poly vinyl chloride and polypropylene. EDP helps take projects from concept to fruition, right from the project identification stage to Implementation Stage. EDP Cell provides market information and knowledge to help the entrepreneur achieve success.
 • To promote new plastic units based on PP, PE & PVC
 • Assist entrepreneurs in setting up new units
 • Identify new applications & end uses
 • Facilitate entrepreneurs with all information upto erection & commisioning stage under a single umbrella
 • To broaden the knowledge base of the entrepreneur
 • To act as a backbone for the plastic processing industry
 • To provide service to the plastic industry
Key Functions:-
Prepare Project Reports based on Latest Technologies
 • Update Existing Project Reports
 • Promote Plastic Industries at various levels
 • Tap new applications/end uses through Market Development Initiatives w.r.t.
    - End User
    - Processor
    - Technology upgradation

Extrusion of plastics which was initially perceived as films extends to extruded products such as HDPE tarpaulins; both of these plastics products have a common function of preventing packed products from moisture and dust. HDPE tarpaulin, a gain to the society by its waterproof characteristic has been a gain to the existing processors of woven sacks by an increase in a product mix, increase in capacity utilization, and increase in average selling price and thus increases in net profitability.

1Source: http://timesof India.indiatimes.com/NEWS/Business/India-Business/Record-foodgrain)

(Author: Ms Poorvi C. Desai, Reliance Industries Ltd)
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