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Matt PET film offers excellent clarity which add value for packaging

Clarity and matt surface finish along with other inherent properties of oriented PET film increase its value for packaging business. A new PET film introduced by Toray, is co extruded and has excellent clarity. The incorporation of nano technology provides matt finish to PET film surface. The gloss can be varied by specifying the level desired by the packaging sector and Toray with its patented technology can provide the desired gloss.
Among the variety of end uses for this kind of film are all types of labels, including rugged, pressure-sensitive labels for a wide range of durable goods, from automobiles to chain saws. This film can also be converted into a laminating film and used to produce luggage tags and placemats. It is ideal for commercial and residential interior-design applications, such as mass-produced and custom window treatments and wallpaper. And yet the unique film's FDA compliance makes it especially desirable for food packaging, including popular dual-ovenable applications. Whether it's used for industrial or packaging applications, this new film is the perfect choice when glare reduction and excellent contact clarity are desired.
The new co-extruded polyester FA5 film handles extremely well on high speed equipment and is easy to convert. It offers excellent thermal stability and superior mechanical properties, including high strength and dimensional stability. The tensile strength of this new film is 50% greater than that of traditional filled matte polyester films.

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