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A new colour masterbatch series that reduce purging time during colour

A leading US masterbatch producer has developed a new series of colour masterbatch that helps converters to reduce the purging time during manufacture of extruded, injection moulded as well as blow moulded products. This new series called SmartColor Masterbatches limits the colour build up in the plastic processing equipment. The decreased build-up shortens the purging time required during switchover of colours by almost 60%. This helps in improving productivity as well reduction in waste. Unlike conventional purging agents, which remove color contamination after it occurs, SmartColor Masterbatches retard the formation of such contamination. Ampacet Corporation, USA, created this line by evaluating a wide range of raw materials to find those less likely to cause color deposits. In addition to improving operations by shortening purge time, SmartColor Masterbatches also cut the amount of resin needed in purging by up to 50%, leading to significantly less scrap generation. With SmartColor, processors can expect shorter color changes, less need to dismantle and clean machines, less scrap to deal with, and fewer color quality issues.

Another manufacturere has developed two new purge compounds for a range of polyethylene processing.
One of the shutdown purge reduces the amount of oxidation of PE and protects equipment during shutdown and start-up. It is designed to cut cross-linking, gel formation and carbonization. The Houston company recommends its use at full strength for blown and cast film, injection molding and blow molding.
Another compound is a pellet containing purge agents, a cost-effective way to clean up equipment and minimize gels and cross-linking. In film and molding equipment it removes degraded PE. It can be used for quick color changes and before manual cleanup.


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