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Special polyamides are expected to grow much faster than polyamide 6 & 6.6

Special types of polyamide such as polyamide 11, 12 and 6.12 are expected to grow at much faster rates globally, as compared to conventional polyamides 6 and 6.6. While polyamides, including fiber, have shown an overall average growth of about 3-4%, thermoplastic engineering polyamide has shown almost 7-8% growth, and polyamide film has shown even higher growth of about 10%. Fiber, accounting for about 60% share of the total polyamide market, grew very modestly, and in fact, continues to lose market share to polyester fiber.

Global economic growth is the major driver of the growth of polyamide. Automotive market that accounts for about 10% of the total polyamide consumption, is poised for good growth in polyamide applications due to new regulations. Technical parts used in industries accounts for a large use of polyamides worldwide. According to one estimate, the automobile sector accounted for more than 30% share, and electronic and electrical industry accounted for almost 25% of polyamide consumption. Packaging, engineering, sports goods and construction each accounted for 5-7% of the total polyamide consumption, while the remaining sectors accounted for about 20% consumption.

European Union, with 44% share of the total consumption is by far the largest user of polyamide in the World. NAFTA and Asia each account for 25% share. While the rest of the World is the smallest user and accounts for 5% share of polyamide consumption.

Among polyamide types, polyamide 6 accounts for 53% share while polyamide 6.6 accounts for 40%. The special polyamide types such as polyamide 11, 12 and 6.12 have a market share of 7% globally. However, this specialty group is expected to grow fastest. Polyamide 6 and 66 will continue to dominate the market globally at least for another decade, if not more. The special types of polyamide like polyamide 12 and 6.12 are expected to grow faster compared to polyamide 11.

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