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UL India – Opening Avenues to Indian Plastics Manufacturers to Access Global Market

UL India – Opening Avenues to Indian Plastics Manufacturers to Access Global Market
UL India, headquartered in Bangalore has been assisting Indian Plastics Manufacturer's to find more avenues to market their products within India and abroad through UL recognition of Plastics. UL Recognized Plastics is the most preferred component in the world and the UL's Plastics standards are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and DoD (Department of Defense) approved.

Why Safety requirements in Plastics?
Many Thermoplastics and Thermosetting Plastics find their applications in a variety of electrical and electronic applications as enclosures, direct insulators, indirect insulators, physical barriers, etc. Typically these applications involve risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons associated. When Plastics are used in these applications, the needs of addressing these hazards is essential. UL has developed Plastics Standards to address all these hazards.UL evaluates plastics and other components against these hazards and ensures that these electrical and electronic end products are safe for use. The various UL standards used for evaluation are UL 94, UL 746A, UL 746B, UL 746C and UL 746D.

Benefits that you can reap…
Employing UL Recognized plastics reduces the end product tests and hence more and more end product manufacturers prefer to use UL Recognized plastics. More than 300 end products demand UL Recognized Plastics with various properties. UL Recognized Plastics are widely accepted by many certification agencies testing the products to various markets such as America, Europe, Canada etc.

UL has a dedicated Plastics database UL IQ for Plastics, which is a source of UL Recognized Plastics for many end product manufacturers worldwide. Plastics Recognized by UL enters into a Online Certifications Directory, which is again a source of UL Recognized components searched by many end users.

Information on the process of Plastics Recognition can be obtained from Customerservice.in@in.ul.com or call us at 91-80-4138 4400

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