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PE reaches a global level of 54 million tons with a likely 4-5% growth rate in the next 5 ...

The global consumption of Polyethylene has reached a level of 54 million tonnes; a share of 64-65% of the total Polyolefins consumption of about 84-85 million tonnes in 2001.

HDPE, the largest PE material has reached a consumption level of about 23 million tonnes in 2001. LDPE/LLDPE mainly used in the film sector has reached a level of 31 million tonnes. LLDPE has achieved almost 45% of the total LDPE/LLDPE consumption. LDPE seems to have stagnated at the level of 17 million tonnes.

The global applications of HDPE are:

Segment Miot %
Blow Moulded Containers 7 30
Film 5.5 23
Injection Moulded Products 4.5 20
Pipes 2.75 12
Raffia 1 5
Others 2.25 10
  23 100

The application split of HDPE would vary across different regions. For instance, Asia has higher level of consumption in film while North America has blow moulding as the largest sector because of their usage in milk.

It is expected that HDPE would grow almost at 6% in the next 5 years compared to 4-5% overall growth of Polyethylenes. HDPE will reach a consumption level of 30 million tonnes in 2005 out of the total Polyethylene consumption of 64 million tonnes. LLDPE is expected to reach the minimum level of 18 million tonnes and would have over 50% share of the total LDPE/LLDPE consumption level of 34 million tonnes.

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