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PET & PP have good prospects for beverage and food packaging

The use of plastics in packaging of food and beverage continues to show good growth potential. The major drivers for the market are:

Replacement of traditional materials
Growth of prepacked food market
Improved polymer properties
Improved processing equipments

A recent study conducted by Frost and Sullivan has estimated that the use of plastics in beverages and food packaging, even in a developed economy like that of Europe, is expected to grow at 5.5% in the next 5-7 years. PP thermoformed products and thin wall injection mouldings is expected to show an almost 10% growth, PET bottles that account for almost 30% of plastics in this segment is expected to continue to show good growth, almost matching that of PP thermoformed products.

On the other hand PVC and expandable Polystyrene are expected to be laggards. The inter polymer substitution will continue. It is therefore not very surprising that PP & LLDPE are expected to increase their market share while PVC, LDPE & Polystyrene are expected to lose their market share. There is a possibility that even HDPE may lose some market share.

Consumers are becoming more demanding regarding food packaging. They want

Retained freshness for a longer period
Retention of correct flavour and odour
Greater convenience
Increasing environmental friendliness

The packaging industry hence needs to respond to consumer requirements with innovative packaging solutions.

Multilayer film trays and stand-up pouches are some of the products that will emerge stronger. Newer technologies could improve polymer properties such as toughness, strength, heat resistance, clarity, etc., along with processing speed. Superior performance, with better cost effectiveness, would be demanded to meet the packaging requirements.

(Source: Chemical Online)
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