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Metallocene PP Copolymer will boost film Packaging speed

Atofina has commercially introduced a new PP copolymer made using single site catalyst and a special process. This copolymer has melting point of 112°C, the lowest melting temperature observed on commercially available copolymers so far. Interestingly, such low melting temperature is attained at a reasonably lower ethylene content of about 7%. This copolymer therefore will have high rigidity, which is essential for form fill and seal operations and yet can be sealed at lower temperatures. This new copolymer would boost the heat sealing speed of PP film and would be very useful not only for oriented film but also for T.Q. film.

PP film processors visiting K-2001 should definitely take the opportunity to look at this new development.

Source: Modern Plastics International - March 2001
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