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Metallocene Polyolefinic materials to enhance elasticity in non wovens

Elasticity in spunbond fiber is a great advantage. Elasticity so far was mainly governed by composite structure of material and other mechanical means. Exxon has introduced its elastomeric Metallocene catalyzed (Exxpol process) Polyolefin with excellent elasticity as well as good processability. Two new Vistamaxx grades, VM-2125 and VM-2120, have been developed. They have 80 MFR and density ranging from 0.865-0.868. Both grades, besides offering good elasticity, offer very good recovery. Both of them have excellent processability. The main advantage of these two grades is that they provide elasticity to non wovens directly without any further modifications. Last year Exxon had introduced a Metallocene grade for melt blown process. With the latest introduction of grades, Exxon now can offer elastic grades for complete nonwoven process range.

For nonwoven converters using spunbond technology, the latest Vistamaxx products offer an innovative way to provide cost-effective elasticity in nonwovens fabrics. They can be spun in most spunbond lines to produce fabrics at typical PP processing conditions and rates. Web properties can be tailored by the selection of resin spinning condition and downstream treatment, resulting in fabrics over a wide range of elasticity that are soft, drapeable and tear-resistant. In addition to being compatible with a wide variety of polymers, Vistamaxx can improve the elasticity, flexibility, adhesion, softness and toughness of products.

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