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German plastic machinery has grown more than 7% in 2004

2004 has been a good year for German plastic machinery suppliers as they expect that export has grown by more than 7%. Earlier they were expecting a solid 8-10% growth, but slower growth in the second half of the year slowed growth. Business did not do as well as expected in H2-2004. With the spiraling Euro, many of the German machine suppliers have resorted to supply their equipment from their Asian production sites.

Asia has grown by almost 45% for plastic machinery imported from Germany mainly due to tremendous increase in demand from the Chinese market. It is estimated that the Chinese demand grew at a spectacular 77%. Demand from India grew even stronger at 90%, and Korea showed a growth of 65%. Interestingly Pakistan's imports grew by almost 400% - of course on a relatively small base.
The Middle Eastern region showed a healthy overall growth of levels marginally lower than 45%. Iran, with its growth of 125% took the lead.

The German machine suppliers appear to be satisfied with the business done thus far in 2005 business, although it may not be as good as 2004.

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