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Indian plastics exports register 20% growth in 2000-2001

While Indian plastics consumption in 2000-2001 did not show the spectacular growth of earlier years, exports have grown to US$ 714 million from US$ 598 million in 1999-2000.
The plastic moulded /extruded products and polymer raw materials have grown from US$ 308 million to almost US$ 492 million, illustrating almost 60% growth in these two areas. Infact, these two and three other products like woven sacks/fabrics, polyester films and writing instruments have more than 85% share of the total exports. These five products have indeed shown an impressive growth of 31% in the last year inspite of the fact that Polyester film exports have been reduced by 48%. The wovensacks as well as writing instruments have also achieved negative growth of almost 11%. All other products in addition to the above have also shown negative growth of 19%. PVC products including floorcovering had a poor year. These products exports have reduced from US$ 36 million to almost US$ 18 millions (a reduction of almost 50%).

  April 1999 - March 2000 April 2000 - March 2001 Growth
  Millions of US$ % Millions of US$ % %
Raw Materials
109 (18) 161 (23) 48
Moulded/Extruded Products
199 (33) 331 (46) 66
Wovensacks/ fabrics/ bags
43 (7) 38 (6) -11
Polyester film
70 (12) 37 (5) -48
Writing Instruments
41 (7) 37 (5) -11
462 (77) 604 (85) 31
All other Products
136 (23) 110 (15) -19
598 (100) 714 (100) 19.5

The excess raw material capacity has helped in achieving US$ 52 million additional exports out of the total of US$ 116 million (45% increase). It is quite possible that raw materials may continue to play an important role in exports during this year.
Infact the plastics processed products have grown by 13% in 2000-01 from 1999-2000 which is marginally higher than the growth in local consumption.

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