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Over the years CIMP has developed numerous packages to assist the Injection Moulding Industry. Following is the list of software available.

  • BIREFRN - frozen-in flow-induced birefringence prediction
  • COOL3D - 3D mold cooling analysis
  • CP - compute temperature dependence of specific heat
  • FLOW3D - a more efficient version of TM-7
  • GP$CIMP - graphics routines supporting other software
  • KTH - temperature dependence of thermal conductivity
  • Net-Inflow Method - simulation for free-surface flows with inertial effects
  • PACK1D-M - packing analysis for arbitrary sequence of 1D-flow segments
  • PACK2DM4 - 2D packing analysis for thin cavities
  • PACK3DM2 - unified filling/packing simulation to handle curing of thermosets and crystallization of                      polymers in 3D thin cavity
  • PLEX3EM7 - capillary-rheometer viscosity data fitting with juncture losses
  • PPWARP - warpage analysis
  • PVT - p-v-T data fitting
  • Resin Selector - resin selector by setting weighted design requirements
  • SHELL10 - linear elastic static analysis of thin-shelled and beam structures
  • SHELL10/NL - geometric-nonlinear static analysis of thin-shelled structures
  • SPIRAL - simulation of unsteady, non-isothermal flow in spiral cavity
  • TM-1 - 1D filling analysis
  • TM-2 - 2D cavity filling analysis
  • TM-3 - steady, non-isothermal flow in circular tube
  • TM-4 - an interactive program for mold-assembly selection, cooling-channel design and stress analysis
               of mold base
  • TM-5 - simplex program for fitting viscosity data
  • TM-6 - extension of TM1 using CADAM as user-interface
  • TM-7 - filling analysis for 3D thin parts with variable thickness
  • TM-8 - 2D and 3D cooling-system design
  • TM-9 - generating constants in Leonov viscoelastic model
  • TM-10 - modeling cavity pressure distribution during filling and post-filling stages
  • VE-Flow2D - 2D steady viscoelastic flow based upon multi-mode Leonov constitutive equation under                     isothermal conditions